We started Wild & Kind after experiencing how awful it really is trying to get started as an artist. Wether you're just out of art school, in the process of setting up your own online business, or even just have a passion for drawing, we want to collaborate with you. You do not have to be an established artist! We are just a small business too, so right now we won't be able to accept everyone who applies, but please just get in touch!

Wild & Kind works slightly differently than a lot of online selling platforms because every product is a collaboration. We come up with the idea and commission you to draw it up. You are paid for your illustration and then receive continual profits from the sale of the merchandise!

If you would like to work with us then please get in touch. email us at wildandkindstudio@gmail.com with your name, a little bio about yourself, your location and either some images of your work, or links to your social media.