Here at Wild and Kind Studio we have made it our mission to be ethical in every step of the way from manufacturing to delivery. When we say ethical we mean nobody has been exploited and products are cruelty free and vegan.



We exclusively use Continental Clothing for our tees to ensure our ethics standards are inline with our supplier's. For their individual policy please see the following link. We follow up on these policies by telephoning Continental Clothing to confirm what country the items are manufactured in.

Continental Clothing made in Bangladesh & USA

We are working on securing Scottish manufacturing in the near future!


Continental Clothing made in Bangladesh & USA



We use the Brother GT3 Direct To Garment printer which is the most eco friendly way to print! The inks are water based and vegan. The only waste is excess ink which is safe to dispose of down the drain!


We don’t use any plastic in our packaging just recyclable card envelopes.


We are registered as a Community Interest Company, which means all of the profits we raise are fed directly back into the business, community and artists that we work with. 

Instead of taking artists work and making a profit from selling it through merch we collaborate by giving artists a brief to work to and upfront £50 payment for the design. The artist then receives 10% of each sale.

Like most new business the beginning takes a lot of work before there is enough profit to pay yourselves! We are currently applying for funding to give us a salary.