Taking the first step towards becoming a self-employed artist is hard. If you don’t have the money to support yourself after art school, it's more than likely that you’ll end up taking a day job to make ends meet, making it even harder to get back into the creative cycle. You may have never been to art school, but have a real talent as a maker, and want to make this passion your career. Wherever you’re at and wherever you’ve come from, we want to help support you in your creative journey.

We are a female focused enterprise, but we are fully welcoming of trans and non-binary people to collaborate and work with us. The reason for this is that we are actively trying to tackle the gender imbalance that currently exists within the creative industries.

We are a small start up business ourselves, but having run other small businesses in the past, we know exactly how hard it can be to actually make enough money to survive. We are also aware of how different privileges and disadvantages in life can affect your journey in becoming a self-sufficient artist. These observations were the building blocks for the ethos behind ‘Wild & Kind’, and we hope to create something that helps those who really need it.

We have decided on a few projects to kick-start ‘Wild & Kind’, one being an online, collaborative brand, discounted printing for those in marginalised groups, a Kinda Cuppa - informal support and advice as well as Wild & Craft free, sober workshops.

We are registered as a Community Interest Company, which means all of the profits we raise are fed directly back into the business, community and artists that we work with. We started ‘Wild & Kind’ with our absolute sole purpose being that we want to help others, so we hope there is something we can do for you!

We ALWAYS want to hear back from you. If there’s something you feel like we’re doing wrong, call us out! This is a learning process for us, and we want your feedback to make it impact as many people positively as possible. You can reach us at wildandkindstudio@gmail.com