We pride ourselves on running an ethical print shop, and we are always learning and evolving as a company. Right now we only supply organic, earth positive garments for printing. We also only use high quality, water based inks which contain no animal derivatives and are not tested on animals, to ensure a cruelty free process from start to finish. They are also STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified and also approved for use on GOTS garments

As a community interest company our aim is to help those who need it, so take a look at the application form at the bottom of the page to learn more about the discounts on printing costs that we currently offer for socially responsible organisations and individuals who may be at a disadvantage. 

Check out the styles of t-shirt we currently offer for printing below! You will be able to see the colours available and size guide, as well as being able to download files to create your mock up. Just click each image for more information. We are aware of the issues surrounding the lack of inclusive sized fem cut tees and it is something we are currently working on!


All items are from Continental Clothing. If there is an item of theirs that you would like that isn't listed here just email us at wildandkindorders@gmail.com and we can order them in for you - PLEASE NOTE WE ONLY PRINT ON THE EARTH POSITIVE AND SALVAGE RANGE.


We do not print on dark tees, find out why.....


To calculate your total order value before placing an order with us, take the base price of your desired t-shirt and add the print price from the chart above. Times this by the quantity needed and voila.
for example, an order of 100 logo prints on Kids Classic tees would be (3.10 + 2.20) x 100 = £530
We are not currently V.A.T. registered